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1. These Regulations define the general conditions, principles and method of sales conducted by Ewa Kociuba running a business under the name Ewa Kociuba Ceruleum, os. Kolorowe 7/30, 31-938 Kraków, NIP: 687-182-43-74, REGON: 123068379, via the website, (hereinafter referred to as: "Service Provider").
2. All rights to the Website, including economic copyrights, intellectual property rights to its name, its Internet domain, the Website, as well as to patterns, forms, logos posted on the Website (except for logos and photos presented on the Website). for the purposes of presenting goods, the copyrights of which belong to third parties) belong to the Service Provider, and they may only be used in a manner specified and in accordance with the Regulations.
3. The information contained on the Website does not constitute an offer of the Seller, within the meaning of the Civil Code, but only an invitation to Customers to submit offers to conclude a contract for the sale of Goods.
4. The condition for concluding the contract is that the Ordering Party sends an offer to purchase goods and its acceptance by the Service Provider via a form on the website, e-mail or telephone.
5. A necessary condition for the execution of the order is to provide a telephone number and e-mail address. After accepting the order, the Ordering Party will be informed about its acceptance by phone or e-mail. Orders that cannot be confirmed within 48 hours will not be processed.
6. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day throughout the year. Orders placed on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays will be processed on business days between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.
7. In the event of circumstances that prevent the execution of an order completely or temporarily, the Service Provider reserves the right to suspend the execution of the order.
8. A confirmed order cannot be canceled.
9. Incorrectly completed order forms will not be considered.
10. In the case of sale of goods, the Consumer may withdraw from the contract within 10 days from the date of delivery of the goods.
11. We do not accept returns in the case of "Made to Order" works.
12. The Customer is obliged to pay the price upon personal receipt of the goods or in the form of prepayment to the Service Provider's bank account. Account number: 69 1140 2004 0000 3502 7573 5053.
13. In the case of "Made to Order" works, the Customer undertakes to pay an advance payment of 30% of the price. The payment is settled after the Service Provider sends a photo of the final result. The customer then pays the rest of the amount due. Free shipping valid only within Poland.
14. The price is binding on both parties at the time of placing the order. the product price does not include shipping costs.
15. The Service Provider reserves the right not to accept the purchase offer without giving reasons.
16. By accepting the regulations, the Ordering Party agrees to receive commercial information and to the processing of personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

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